A Greener Solution to Moving House

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EcoMove media releaseGEcoMove, an innovate removals company has come up with a simple eco-friendly solution to help you move house. The company started in 2010 in Melbourne and it is the owner Stefan’s aim to roll out nationally as soon as possible. EcoMove take out the stress of having to hunt down cardboard boxes. They deliver sturdy plastic boxes to your door, fully assembled and pick them up when you have finished.

Because the boxes are hard plastic, items packed in them won’t get damaged or crushed. Stefan Wobking, the owner of the company says “The main reason that I chose to start Eco Move was because I noticed a lack of an environmentally friendly alternatives to cardboard boxes. I couldn’t believe no one had done it before.”

The benefits of using Eco Move boxes for your next house move are numerous:

  • Convenience – Eco Move boxes are stackable. They nest into each other and stack neatly once filled.

  • Design – The unique saw tooth lid design means that the boxes do not require taping or assembly.

  • Durability – Eco Move boxes are made from durable plastic with a hinged, attached lid. The boxes have a 30 kilogram load rating and can be reused up to 300 times.

  • Safety – Your belongings remain safe as the lids lock into each other and can be secured with cable ties or padlocks.

  • Affordability – Eco Move’s range of moving box packages are comparable to similar cardboard box packages whilst offering all the above benefits.

  • Environmentally friendly – the boxes are 100% recyclable

Did you know that nearly 50% of cardboard boxes in Australia are not recycled? They go into landfill and when breaking down, they emit methane, a greenhouse gas with a global warming capacity 21 times more powerful than carbon monoxide. A good reason to change to 100% recyclable plastic boxes.

Eco Move provide different packages depending on your household needs – from 1 bed homes to large family homes, you just need to pick the package that suits you. They even provide a moving dolly and labels to make it easier for you!

Prices range from $60 – $180 for a package including delivery and collection within a 50km radius of Melbourne CBD. Take a look at www.ecomove.com.au for more information.

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  1. Move House says:

    Seems like they are offering a great deal, a greener or environmental friendly way of house moving? I love the idea.

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