Chooks Star in Reality TV Show

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sunnyqueen farm

Just how free are free range chickens? Well, now you can see for yourself. For fans of reality TV, SunnyQueen has a surprise in store… now you can watch the chooks from Sunny Queen’s Free Range farms living the good life – live and unedited. Talk about compulsive viewing!

“We want our customers to see first-hand the life led by the happy, healthy hens who produce our free range eggs,” Julie Proctor from Sunny Queen said.

“Until now, some free range egg customers have been unsure about what “free range” means. We can’t speak for all Free Range but we’re proud of our Sunny Queen Free Range Farms, and what better way to show off our pampered chooks than to give everyone a bird’s eye view with our new, live action webcam.

“It’s no wonder our hens think they’re something special – they are!”

From Thursday 28th April, Sunny Queen is encouraging all their free range egg customers to get an eye full of their frolicking free range hens via their live Eggcam at:

“The live EggCam has been set up so people can see everything that the girls get up to when they are out and about – from the moment they hit the paddock and  start foraging until they’re brought back into the barn at dusk to get their beauty sleep.”

“We cater to their every whim, open fields by day, great food and service, nests to lay their eggs in, plus warm, safe barns to rest in at night. Our girls are truly happy, contented hens who live and eat well,” Julie said. “And now our customers can see that for themselves.”

No editing. No special effects. Just a camera constantly filming the pasture during daylight hours, showing the hens as they go about their day.

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